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The first time you go to see a Solutions Focused Hypnotherapist; it is unlikely that you will experience trance (hypnosis). That's because we like to spend a little time getting to know you and your reason for seeking help. The Initial Consultation meeting will last for about an hour and during that time, you will have the opportunity to find out more about the process, how many sessions you might need etc. We will talk about the brain in a way that you will understand and you will begin to see what is happening in your mind in the context of your issue, be that stress, anxiety, depression, a fear or phobia, a habit, a desire to be thinner, fatter or simply a feeling that you could do things a little bit differently in life. That understanding will really help you and we will go back to it at every opportunity during subsequent sessions. At the end of the initial consultation you will receive a relaxation audio download, or CD to take home. There is no obligation here, together we can discuss if hypnotherapy is for you. And in my practice, this session is completely free!
“I’ll be happy when……..” “I get that promotion at work” “I pass my exam” “I find my perfect new home”  “Society sorts itself out” “The sun comes out”  “My inbox is cleared”  “I can get my children into a good school” Does any of this sound familiar? Many people believe that if they work hard they will be more successful and if they become more successful they will be happier. But we now know that the converse is true, if you are happy then you will be successful – in whatever it is you want to achieve.  And there are ways to become happier!