Some words from my clients

"I made some big changes to my life"

I was struggling with anxiety, depression, life and work stress, insomnia, high cortisol and high blood pressure.  I was really unhappy, and couldn’t work it out for myself.  I knew I needed someone from outside of my life to help me to calm down and start to enjoy life again. I searched online for a hypnotherapist, and I came across Carolyn’s website.  Although I had successfully had hypnotherapy in the past, I had never heard of ‘solution focused’ hypnotherapy, but I liked what I read. I really like the free consultation that Carolyn offers because I know from past experience that the chemistry between client and therapist is important and knowing that if we didn’t click, there was no obligation to book sessions gave me the confidence to book a first consultation.  I'm so glad I did. As it happened, I felt instantly comfortable with Carolyn.  I liked the informal atmosphere, the relaxing room, the ease of the whole process, and the feeling that I was definitely not being judged.  I felt I could really say how I was feeling, that crying was alright, and that I wasn’t weird, or a loser.
I was at rock bottom when I first met Carolyn.  I felt much better after the first session.  Like I could handle life again.  I chose to have several sessions (16?), one every week, and it resulted in me gradually feeling much, much better.  I felt calmer, more composed, not hurting and worrying, I felt happier, nicer, much more positive and hopeful.  

I made some big changes to my life:  I decided to leave my business, and I felt confident I could earn a living in a much more enjoyable way.  I spent more time doing things I love: walking, socialising, reading, baking, and so on.   Another big change is that the insomnia is sorted!  I sleep very well now, which is such a relief to me.  I no longer feel stressed and panicky.  I recognise which situations will make me feel bad, and I just don’t put up with them; my calmness and feeling contented matters more to me than almost anything else now. Carolyn is well trained and has great hypnotherapy skills.  She spends a lot of time doing further related training, so she is really effective and knowledgeable. The procedure of each session is simple and very pleasurable.  I looked forward to every session and I enjoyed each one too.  The first part of the session involves Carolyn explaining a bit about how the brain works for us or against us!  I also learned about how crucial good sleep is to healing, staying healthy and to feeling good.  All the information was very easy to understand, made instant sense to me, and helped me to make progress.  The second half of sessions is spent in a lovely, relaxing hypnotherapy time.  I always felt so good during and after each session.
To get the best out of it, simple homework needs to be done.  I loved my homework!  It involves writing down a few good things about every day – it could be as simple as a good cup of coffee, or meeting a friend, or finding a beautiful coat in a charity shop!  The other homework is to listen to a hypnotherapy session every day – couldn’t be easier or nicer!  I started to feel better and better quite soon and was reliably happier after about a month or two. Finally, Carolyn has a heart of gold, and her life’s work is to help people to heal.  I highly recommend her to you; you have nothing to lose and much to gain from a visit to her.  - Julie


"huge heartfelt thank you for all of your help"

“I just wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you for all of your help in preparing for the birth. I was incredibly lucky and had exactly the birth I had wished for. Visualising the positive outcomes really worked for me. The skills I learnt through Hypno-birthing and all of our chats were invaluable for the birth but are now lifelong skills which I will use in the coming years to ensure my daughter grows up in a calm, relaxed household” - JW


“I found the experience amazing”

Carolyn helped me by giving me time to talk through my feelings / reactions, explaining the scientific reasons why I reacted in certain ways and supporting me to look at ways to change how I approach such situations. The relaxation/ hypnotherapy part of each session was invaluable in focussing my confidence in making these changes.

The result was I now recognise when I am becoming negative in my reactions and work towards a more positive way of dealing with these situations. I worry less and enjoy more. I am happy in my own company and look at new challenges as opportunities to enjoy and not worry about.

Things I liked about Carolyn were her abilities to put me at my ease, encourage me to develop strategies for agreeing each small step forward and become much more confident in facing new experiences positively. Her sessions were delivered in such a way that by the time the relaxation session started I was already half way there. The techniques I have learnt with the relaxation I used between the sessions, I will continue to use.

I found the experience amazing. I knew in the early sessions what a difference it was making because although the sessions were close together I could tell that I was ready for the next one. The timing between sessions was at my pace and I knew how well I was doing by the decisions I made on the length of time between.

I would highly recommend Carolyn to people who need to gain control in areas of their life where they want to make changes – whether they are like me who wanted to take more control of my low emotions (and as a result slept far better) lose weight, stop smoking, or get rid of phobias such as fear of flying." - Di


Coaching - "a fantastic and supportive opportunity"

“I’ve never been coached before and working with Carolyn was a fantastic and supportive opportunity that helped to inspire and yet ground me at the same time. From a starting point of feeling disempowered, overwhelmed – Carolyn counterbalanced my unease and uncertainty with common sense and pragmatism. Between us, we negotiated a space based on trust and mutual understanding that felt safe, a space in which to play with and explore new meanings, new approaches. With deftness, Carolyn led me to challenge previously held beliefs, perceptions – to help and support me recreate my professional persona at a time of conflict and restructure in my work place. Her timing was perfect, she instinctively knew the pace at which I felt comfortable enough to engage in change, not be risk adverse. We grew together in our partnership of knowledge and empowerment, I never felt it was a teacher – pupil relationship, It felt balanced and spontaneous. Carolyn helped me to see that I had what I needed inside me, just needed the space to express and share those thoughts, ideas, objectives, dreams…
Professionally, I have been undoubtedly challenged and it has taken courage and resilience to challenge some historical held beliefs and practices that have been unsatisfactory and unhelpful, at best. My time with Carolyn allowed for open and honest communication that has led me to go on and make a meaningful, authentic contribution in my role as Age UK Macmillan Living Well Coordinator, in what is deemed to be a highly clinically dominated field. Together, we have made a difference”. - Christine